Excel Found A Problem with One Or More Formula References in This Worksheet

The error notice ‘Excel identified a problem with one or more formula references in this worksheet’ indicates that the Excel file is corrupted or partly destroyed.

It may also be caused by faulty cell or object connection.

Recheck Formulas

Go the the Formulas Tab and select Error Checking.

This will scan the sheet and will display the issues. It shows the following message if no problem is identified: “The error check is completed for the entire sheet.”

You may try saving the Excel file again in this scenario.

Check Sheet Individually

The problem might potentially be caused by a fault with one of the workbook’s sheets.

You may duplicate each sheet’s information into a new Excel file and then attempt to save the Excel file to discover the defective sheet and rectify the issue.

This will help you discover the problematic sheet in the workbook. This strategy simplifies debugging Excel formula reference errors.

If the issue persists, you may save the Excel file by backing up the incorrect sheet information.

Check Links

Go to the Data Tab.

Under Queries and Connections then select Edit Links if the selection is available.

Remove any broken links if there is any and save the file after.

Review Charts

You may check the charts to see whether they’re producing the Excel formula reference problem. Depending on the size of the Excel file, this might take some time.

However, it’s not always feasible to figure out which Excel chart item is causing the problem.


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