Find and Delete Duplicate Files in Windows 11

Many people try to get rid of programs, but it’s better to get rid of duplicate files in Windows 11 first.

No matter how carefully you organize the files on your PC, there’s always a chance that you’ll duplicate some of them by accident.

And if they are in different folders and drives, the process is even harder.

But there are always ways to find and get rid of duplicate photos and files in Windows 11. We’ll talk more about this in the sections that follow.

By the time you finish reading this, you should have freed up a lot of space on your PC.

Sort to find duplicate files

Open File Explorer and go to the folder where you want to find the duplicate files.

In the Command Bar at the top, click on Sort and select Name. 

You may also selet View by Details.

The file with Copy suffixed to their name are the duplicate ones.

File Explorer automatically adds the suffix Copy to files that you paste several times in a folder in order to make them easier to distinguish. Therefore, you may quickly discover duplicate files and photographs in Windows 11 by using this strategy.

Use Command Prompt

Open the folder where you want to delete the duplicate files.

Right click on it and select Copy as path.

Open your search bar and type Command Prompt.

Select Run as administrator.

Type cd /d and paste the path you just copied.

Press Enter.

Execute the following command but replace the name and extension of the file you want to delete:

del “* – Copy.png

Use a reliable third-party software

We recommend using Easy Duplicate Finder, a specialized program that searches the computer for all duplicate files and enables you to quickly delete them with a single click.

It is among the fastest and easiest to run. Additionally, it can locate duplicates in a variety of file types, including pictures, movies, audio files, and many more. It also has the ability to locate duplicate files across a variety of platforms, including Google Drive, iTunes, Windows Media, and more.


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