How to Find your IP Address on Mac?

To figure out your Mac’s IP address is an important thing for sharing files or setting up a network, here’s 2 different methods to find out your IP address in Mac OS X.

It’s an easy-way through the GUI “Graphical User Interface” and a more technical approach with the command line “Terminal”, These methods will be the same whether you are connected via ethernet or wireless, Following this tutorial to find it with two methods.

Finding your internal IP Address

1. Click on the “Apple” icon, which located on the top bar of your MacOS.

2. From the drop-down menu, click on “System Preferences…”.

3. Once you have done with “Step 2”, you can click on “Network” icon, from the window that will show to you.

4. For sure, you will be connected to the network via AirPort (wireless), or Ethernet (wired cable), The connection you are using will say Connected next to it.

Your IP address will be listed, same as the Subnet mask and your router IP, as for my Mac it’s connected via a wired cable, as it shown below, and the IP address is shown.

Find your IP Address using “Terminal”.

1. Open “Terminal”, you can search for it through the search icon on the top bar.

2. Once you open “Terminal”, write down the below command.


3. After you run the mentioned command above it will display a lot of information, to only just check your IP address write this command and it will not display all the unnecessary data and it will only display your IP address.

“ifconfig | grep “inet ” | grep -v″

as it’s shown in the above picture that my IP address is:

Note: This in NOT the real IP Address (on the net), it’s just “LOCAL” IP address on your local area network, for example when you have a wireless router connected to your cable/DSL-modem, The address is is always the main node, usually the one built into the router, and you can have up to 254.


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