Fix Bitlocker Asking For Recovery Key on Windows 11

BitLocker is a feature of Windows that lets you lock your device. If you have Windows 11 and it asks you for a BitLocker recovery key when you turn it on, the instructions below may help you find the 48-digit key you need to unlock the device.

The problem is complicated, but you should be able to get it running in a short time. However, if you lose the BitLocker recovery key, you may have to reinstall Windows 11 from scratch.

Keep reading this article to look for ways on how to fix Bitlocker asking for Recovery Keys on your Windows 11.

Check your Microsoft Account for the recovery key

Head to Microsoft’s login page and sign in with your linked email address and password.

You should now see the Windows 11 device’s recovery key.

Update the BIOS

Many people also found that updating the BIOS on Windows 11 helped. You will have to find the update on the manufacturer’s website, download it, and then put it on your computer. Since the process is different for each computer maker, we suggest checking the manual that came with the computer, looking it up in the support section of the official website, or getting in touch with a professional.

Reinstall Windows

If nothing else has worked, the last thing you can do is reinstall Windows 11. And the bootable USB you made earlier would help you do that. Remember that a clean install of the OS would delete all of the PC’s files, apps, and settings. But now that’s the only choice!

BitLocker asking for a recovery key in Windows 11 is a complicated problem with few solutions.

Most people end up reinstalling the OS to fix things. Also, find out how to turn off BitLocker in Windows 11 once you have fixed the problem. Then, save the key if you want to keep going.


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