FIX: Excel formula not showing results

This article will show your different solutions on how to fix Excel formula not showing results.

Disable Show Formulas

Go to Formulas tab and click on Show formula to disable it.

Cell Format Set to Text

Another reason why just the formula appears in Excel and not the result is because the cell format is set to text.

This indicates that anything typed into that cell in any format will be considered as plain text.

If that’s the case, alter the format to General or something else.

You may need to enter cell edit mode by clicking into the formula bar or just pressing F2 to for Excel to acknowledge the format change.

Change Calculation Options from ‘Manual’ to ‘Automatic’

Click on the File tab and go to Options.

Go to the Formulas tab and select Automatic under Calculation Options.

Click OK to save your changes.

Enter Numbers without any Formatting

When using a number in a calculation, make sure you don’t include a decimal separator or a currency symbol.

Because most of these special characters have built-in functionalities, don’t use them until absolutely necessary.


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