Fix Item Not Found When Trying To Delete on Windows 10

If you are trying to delete a file or a folder in windows 10 and you get a message that says item not found, you can still delete it but in a different method. To delete it follow this simple tutorial.

1. Find the folder you want to delete on it’s directory, hold shift button on keyboard plus right click on a blank space, from the dialog menu select “Open Command window here”.


2. The command prompt will open. Here type dir /x to list all folders in that directory and look for the one you are trying to delete, you only need the <DIR> of it (in this case is TESTFO~1)


3. Now type in rmdir /q /s and the folder <DIR> (TESTFO~1) hit enter. This will definitely delete the folder.



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  1. Ryan Ricco-Pena says:

    This really helped me. Thank you so much!!!