FIX: Microsoft Excel File Error ‘The document cannot be saved’

Microsoft Excel has a habit of throwing mistakes at you when you least expect it. When you’re attempting to save a file, for example. However, having to exit a document after working on it for hours because Excel won’t save it is inconvenient and might result in data loss.

So, how do you handle the “Excel saving error” or “the document cannot be saved” problem in Excel? Let’s see what happens.

Save the file with a different name

The “cant save file” problem might arise if you already have a file saved in your folder with a name that is identical to the one you are providing to your recent file.

Go to File tab and click on Save As.

Rename your file.

Check if the issue is settled.

Save file to some other location

Excel won’t save your file if there isn’t enough space on your hard drive, if your antivirus program is conflicting with the excel file, or if the file name exceeds the maximum character limit. In such instances, it’s best to move your file to a different place.

Delete Excel Add-ins

Click on the File tab of any Excel file.

Select Options.

Go to the Add-ins tab and click Go beside Manage.

Uncheck the add-ins one by one to disable them. Check if error has been solved.


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