FIX: Microsoft Excel not Responding Error

This article will show you how to fix Excel not responding and frequent Excel freezes on Windows 10. It includes some helpful tips for fixing Excel and resolving the issue of Excel not responding.

These methods will also assist you in resolving problems with Excel crashing when working on a spreadsheet.

Open Excel in Safe Mode

Press Windows + R keys on your keyboard.

Type excel.exe /safe.

Press OK.

Check for Faulty and Unwanted Add-ins

Open MS Excel app and click on the File tab.

Select Options and click on Add-ins.

In the drop-down menu of Manage, choose COM Add-ins and press Go.

Uncheck the add-ins to disable them.

NOTE: Uncheck the add-ins one by one after saving your changes to determine which add-ins are causing the error.

Check and Disable Anti-virus

Antivirus software is critical for device security. However, if your antivirus software clashes with MS Office products like Excel, it may cause Excel to freeze or stop functioning.

Disable anti-virus and reopen the Excel document to see whether the issue is caused by it.

Check to see whether Excel works properly or if it still hangs.

If the issue has been rectified, contact your antivirus software vendor for assistance in keeping antivirus operating without interfering with the system or other applications like MS Excel.

Repair Microsoft Office

Go to Control Panel on your PC.

Click Programs and select Programs and Features.

Look for Microsoft Office and right-click on it.

Choose Change.

Select Quick Repair or Online Repair. Follow all on-screen instructions.

After you’ve completed the fix, double-check your Excel software and file for any errors.

Re-install Microsoft Office

Go to Control Panel.

Click Programs and select Programs and Features.

Look for Microsoft Office and right-click on it.

Select Uninstall. Follow any on-screen instrcutions.

Run the MS Office installation procedure again to reinstall MS Office on your PC.


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