Fix – Office has detected a problem with this file

After upgrading to Windows 10, several users have reported issues with Microsoft Office apps. Concerning this issue, several customers reported seeing it every time they attempt to open a file using Microsoft Office. This indicates the file is corrupted or Microsoft Office is having difficulties.

The Office Protected View is a read-only mode that lacks most editing features. This article will walk you through the possible solutions for your error.

Update your Microsoft application

Open Microsoft Word and click on the File tab.

Go to Account found at the bottom-left corner to see the Product Information.

Click on the Update Option and select Update Now.

Disable Protected View

Open Microsoft Word and click on the File tab.

Go to Options located the the lower left corner and choose Trust Center and click on Trust Center Settings.

Head on to the Protected View tab and deselect the “Enable Protected View for file originating from the Internet” optio

Click on OK to save the changes.

Add a Trusted Location

Create a folder and move there all your files with the error.

Microsoft Word and click on the File tab.

Go to Options and click on Trust Center, then select Trust Center Settings.

Choose Trusted Location and click on Add a new location.

Click on Browse and select for the folder you created.

Click on OK.

Repair Microsoft Word

Go to your Control Panel.

Select Uninstall Program to display a list of applications installed on your computer.

Locate and right click on the Microsoft Office then choose Change.

Click on Repair and choose Quick Repair.

Allow some time for the repair procedure to be finished.

The most likely source of the problem is still computer files. So, if you get any problem warnings, be sure to download the files again.

If the preceding troubleshooting techniques fail to resolve the problem, you may uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office.


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