FIX: Repair Excel Document on a Flash Drive

If Microsoft Excel files need to be moved between computers or backed up, they are saved on flash drives. Unexpected difficulties, on the other hand, might destroy Excel files saved on flash drives.

When this occurs, repairing Excel documents on a flash drive might be a difficult operation. This article will discuss how users can quickly fix them.

Restore from Windows Backup

Connect your USB drive.

Go to My Computer and navigate to your USB Drive.

If the file exists, right click on it and select Restore Previous Version.

A list of older version that were created will be shown.

Select one of the backup file and click restore.

Use Command Line

Connect your USB drive.

Press Windows key + R and type cmd.

Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d (USB Drive Letter):\*.*
USB Drive Letter is the drive letter you can find using My Computer.

Press Enter and let Windows repair your files.

After the repair, try accessing the excel file to see if the data has been recovered.

Run a Check Disk

Press Windows key + R and type cmd.

Type /X / (USB Drive Letter)

It will now scan your hard drive for any corrupted files and fix them.


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