Fix Too Many Different Cell Formats Excel Error

Some Microsoft Excel users may get the Too many different cell formats error message when they try to add formatting to a spreadsheet cell or cell range.

he error message might also appear when you try to copy cells and data from another spreadsheet file or source into a sheet.

Our article has a few ideas for how to deal with it so we suggest you to keep reading ahead.

Clear all the spreadsheet’s cell formatting

Press Ctrl + A to select all cells in the spreadsheet.

Click on the Home tab.

Click the dropdown button of the Clear option then select Clear Formats.

Add a standard font to all cells and remove fill colors

Press Ctrl + A to select all cells in the spreadsheet.

On the Home tab, click on the Font menu and select a new font for your spreadsheet.

Click on the Fill Color button and select No FIll.

Click on the Fill Color button and select No FIll.

Select the Clean Excess Cell Formatting option

Go to the File tab on your Microsoft Excel.

Click on Options.

Select Add-ins.

Click the Manage drop-down menu to select COM Add-ins and press Go.

Select the Inquire check box in the COM Add-ins window.

Press OK button.

Go back to your spreadsheet and see if you can select the Inquire tab.

Click the Clean Excess Cell Formatting.

Choose Clean all worksheets in the spreadsheet and select Yes to save the changes.

NOTE: If you don’t see an entry for “Inquire Add-in” in the COM Add-Ins dialog box, either your version of Office or Excel doesn’t have it or your organization’s system administrator has made it unavailable.


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