Fix: Weather Widget On Windows 11 Taskbar Not Working Or Not Showing Weather Info

The Widgets panel appears when you click on the weather widget button. The weather widget button shows information about the weather in your current or selected location.

The new weather widget, on the other hand, does not always display weather data. Instead, as seen in the image above, it just displays the Widget icon.

If the weather widget is not working or not showing weather information as it should, you can try out the following three easy solutions to refresh the weather widget and force it to show the weather information again.

Customize Widget

Press Windows + W to open Widgets panel.

Click on the three dots icon under the Weather widget.

Select the Customise widget option.

In the units section, change the temperature units.

Click Save. 

The weather widget on the taskbar will be refreshed as a result of this. The weather widget should now display the current weather conditions.

Disable and Enable the Weather Widget

Open Settings and go to Personalization.

Click on Taskbar.

Turn off the Widgets to remove all widget icons from the taskbar.

Once again, turn on the Widgets option to enable it back.

Restarting Windows Explorer Process

Open Task Manager.

Under the Processes tab, right-click on Windows Explorer.

Select Restart.


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