Fix Windows 8 Store Download Pending

On some systems the stock windows store keeps the applications download on pending, not even restarting your system would fix it , you have to troubleshoot it using the following steps below.

1. Press Windows Key + W and type Troubleshooting in the search box and select the first one.

Fix Pending Download 1

2. Go to the Control Pannel, click on View all on the top left.

Fix Pending Download 2

3. From the following window click on Windows Update to open Windows Update Troubleshooter.

Fix Pending Download 3

4. When the troubleshooter opens click on Next.

Fix Pending Download 4

5. Now the automatic troubleshooter should find and fix the errors.

Fix Pending Download 5


6. When the errors are fixed a windows with detailed informations will open to telling you if all the errors are fixed , from there you can restart your systems to check if the error is fixed.



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