Fix Windows Hello not Working on Windows 11

Windows Hello is a biometric sign-in system that employs a fingerprint sensor or a near-infrared (IR) imaging camera to identify you rather than a password.

It is also important to take into account the fact that some people have been reported to be unable to utilize the fingerprint sensor.

How do I turn on Hello in Windows 11?

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to Accounts and select the Sign-in options.

Turn on Windows Hello by setting up your own Biometrics or Pin.

How to Fix Windows Hello Something went wrong

Reset the facial recognition and fingerprint options

Press Win + I to open Settings.

Go to Accounts and select the Sign-in options.

Look for Facial recognition or Fingerprint recognition.

Select the ones that has errors and click Remove.

Click on Set up and follow the pop up Instructions to set up a new Facial and Fingerprint recognition.

Reinstall the biometrics driver

Type Device Manager in your Windows search bar and select Open.

Look for Biometrics devices and press the arrow to expand.

Right click on the Biometric Device and press Uninstall Device.

Select Uninstall to confirm.

Restart your computer.


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