Fix – Word Can’t Do this Because a Dialog Box is Open

When you start MS Word and try to execute a job, you may get the message “Word can’t do this because a dialog box is open”. You click OK, yet the same problem notice appears again.

Read through this tutorial to learn about proven solutions to this problem.

press Alt + Tab on your keyboard, Click OK when you see the error message.

Use your keyboard and press the Alt + Tab keys and find the dialog box causing the error.

Depending on the dialog box, select a button to close it.

Please keep in mind that the hidden window will most likely be located behind another open window.

Disable Protected View

Open Microsoft Word.

Click on File and go to Options found at the bottom-left.

Choose Trust Center and click on Trust Center Settings.

Go to the Protected View tab and unselect all the checkboxes.

Click on OK.

Disable Add-in

Open Microsoft Word.

Click on File and go to Options.

Click on Add-ins.

Below the options window, select COM Add-Ins from the dropdown list and click Go.

Unselect and stop all add-ins you think that might be causing the error.

Click OK.

Restart the Microsoft Word app.

If the problem persists, go to the following step to deactivate all Add-Ins with Trust Center.

Go back to your Trust Center Settings.

Click on Add-ins tab and check the box that says “Disable all Application Add-ins”.

Click OK.

Close and restart the app.


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