How to Format and Reinstall Windows Vista

How to Format and Reinstall Windows Vista. In this Video tutorial I will be installing clean version of Windows Vista.

Before you format and reinstall Windows Vista it is very important that you Back up your files, drivers and Windows activation.

  • Click Here to Backup your Windows Drivers
  • Click Here to Back up your Windows Vista activation
  • Click Here To Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From CD/DVD

Video Tutorial:

Format and Reinstall Windows Vista:

1. Insert your Windows Vista Disk. The Disk is bootable so after you restart your PC (with the Disk inside) the Windows Vista Setup will begin loading.

2. A windows will appear to press any key to boot from CD/DVD. Press the Enter key in your keyboard.

3. Select your Language,Time and Keyboard. Press Next.

4. Click Install Now

5. Choose a Vista Package that you Purchased very important. : Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate. If you install windows vista without providing product key, after 14 days you will have to enter a valid product key, or if you don’t, you’ll be forced to format windows vista again.

6. Accept the Microsoft Windows User License Terms and press Next

7. Select Custom (advanced) from the the which installation do you want window.

8. Select the C: = Disk 0 drive and press Drive options (advanced) press Delete ( don’t format or delete all drives! only the primary where you are installing Windows Vista  ” C: “. The setup will do the rest.

9. Select Disk 0 and click Next

10. The copy process will begin. This process can take some time.

11. After Windows Vista Setup finishes, the computer will reboot. Do not press enter if it ask you to press any key to boot from CD/DVD

12. Windows Vista files are copied , and now setup will configure Windows Vista for your PC. This step will take some really good time.

13. Installing Windows Vista finishes, insert your User Name and Password here.

14. Give your PC a name! and select a background

15. Select your time zone and location.

Thats it! You’ve finished installing Windows Vista.


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