Forward SMS and missed calls from Android to Gmail

People often miss important text-messages and phone calls just because they forgot the phone at home.

If you are an Android user there is no need to worry about missed calls or missed text-messages (SMS) just follow these simple steps.

To Auto-Forward SMS and missed calls to Gmail:

1: Go to Android market, download and install SMS2Gmail.

2: Once the app is installed open it and setup your Gmail settings.

3: Setup an activation code, Means that you can use to remotely activate the service. For example, if you forget your phone at home simply send an SMS from a friends phone and activate this service. There is no need to have the service activated at all times.

4: Tap on “Manual switch on/off” to activate the service manually.

NOTE: The service needs internet connection to send SMS and missed call information to your Gmail account.


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