How to Forward USB Devices on Oracle VirtualBox

Our goal is to forward a USB device installed on your computer and be able to read it from an Oracle Virtual-box operating system.

1. Make sure that the virtual machine is turned off.

2. Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack.

3. Select the virtual machine, click Settings button, Select USB from the left pain.

Forwarding USB devices on Oracle VirtualBox

4. In the USB settings select Enable USB Controller together with Enable USB 2.0 (EHCI) Controller.

5. Add USB device by clicking the USB+ button #5  in the Above image.

6. Once the USB device is added, select it and click on edit button #7 in the image underneath (the one below the add button). Make sure that Remote is set to Yes.


7. Click on OK, now the USB device should now be available in the virtual machine.


Video Tutorial:


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