Free Up Disk Space In Windows 10

The most annoying problem we can face is to run out space in our hard drives. With the arrival of bigger hard drives and cloud storage is has become less of a hassle for most people to run out of space. However, running out of space especially in your Windows drive can lead to performance issues. As an example, if you run low on your C drive some programs such as Image viewer will not work properly.

Now a day even the Solid State Drives (SSD) drive we use has massive storage capacities in TBs but most of us use a combination of SSD and HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Normally, we have a small SSD to boost the performance of our PC, and a hard disk drive for big storage space. SSD which usually hosts our Windows and other programs can run out space. So, freeing up space might also optimize performance.

Freeing up space was a hassle but with Windows 10 new features you can easily free up a lot of space. Follow these simple steps to Free up disk space in Windows 10

Free Up Disk Space In Windows 10

Click on the Start menu or Search button at the bottom left corner of your screen

Type Storage Settings and click on it to open.

Here you will see your information about your C Drive with different categories. A bar will show you how much of your space has been used. First, click on show more categories to show all your categories.

Now select a category you want to free up space in. The best thing to do is to free up your temporary files first so select the temporary files category. Choose temporary files you want to delete. You can select any folder you want but please be careful while selecting the Downloads folder. Because this folder will contain the downloaded data that you might want to keep. So, manually check it out before selecting it. After selection Click on remove files

After this, you can go back and Open up different categories such as the Apps and Features category and delete the files you are not using anymore.

You can do this with every partition by clicking on View storage using other drives option and select your desired drive to perform these actions. However, not all drives will show details of every program you may have to delete folders and programs manually in those drives.

The next step is to set up storage sense click on Configure Storage Sense or Run it Now.

Turn on Storage sense and configure it on when you want to run it. Storage sense will automatically free up space when required. You can setup up storage space to your desired settings. You can also click free up space now to free up some space. This will only free up space if you have not already freed up space using the previous method.

You can do this by using traditional methods e.g. right-click on your C Drive in My Computer and click properties and click on Disk Cleanup. Select your desired files and select clean up system files. It will also give you an additional box to free up more space.

Choose what you want to free and click ok.

Use this method only if you have not used the first method. Using both methods is not necessary.

You can also delete the temporary files by opening up run and typing %temp%

Select and delete all the temporary files there.

However, if you have already deleted the temporary files using the windows storage settings option then you don’t need to delete these files anymore.

Muhammad Imran Habib

Imran is a technology evangelist with 8 years of experience working with some of the Industry leading companies. Imran's expertise includes On-Prem/Virtual Infrastructure deployments, IT Solutions for SMEs, End User Computing Support.

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