Add Gadgets on Windows 8.1 Desktop

Gadgets are some simple and small customizations that appears at the right side of your screen same as windows vista, they are meant to make your work easier providing fast access to them like the clock, calendar, mail and a lot of more. As you may know Gadgets is only available on windows vista and windows 7 but you can also  put them on windows 8 by using a simple third-party application.

1. Download 8Gadgets Pack and save it on your computer.

Gadgets on Windows 8 1

2. Install it by following it’s basic installation.

Gadgets on Windows 8 2

3. When it’s installed you should see some gadgets at the right of your screen.

Gadgets on Windows 8 3

4. To add new gadgets you need to click the little button at the top right of the sidebar.

Gadgets on Windows 8 4

5. Then scroll the menu to find your needing gadget and then just drag and drop from there to the screen you want to place it.

Gadgets on Windows 8 5

If you want to close the side bar just right click on it and click close sidebar.

Gadgets on Windows 8 6


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