Pros and Cons of building a Gaming Computer

1. Much cheaper. If you look at the prices for Alienware, Falcon you can create the same PC  with same specs for almost half of what they charge.

2. I can choose the type of motherboard. This way I know the exact upgrade limits.

3. I can choose a brand name RAM Memory like Kingston or Corsair.

4. The type of hard-drive like SSD Hard-drive. keep in Mind Gaming computer are built for performance, NOT storage. I rather Have a 75GB SSD HDD. instead of  1 TB WD 7200 HDD

5. I can choose a variety of Custom Chassis or cases from lian li or Thermaltake

Cons of Building your own Gaming System:

  1. No Customer Support
  2. Need to have some computer skills
  3. No warranties

I’m sorry to say but I only have cons for Buying a gaming Computer:

  1. Too Pricey.
  2. Customer support on some companies, SUCKS.
  3. Most  Companies do not  provide Brand Hardware. (very important).
  4. Limited upgrades.
  5. Unknown limitation of  Upgrades.
  6. Proprietary.
  7. If you open the case and you are not A+ Certified  you Might void warranty on the system.

If you have something to add just leave a comment on the comment section.


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