Windows 10 – Get Back The Classic Personalization Window

In the new Windows 10 personalization settings you may find yourself “lost”, so today we are going to show you how to get back the classic personalization window:

1. You would need to download Winaero.

2. Unzip it to a folder anywhere you want to get the personalization.exe file.

classic personalization on windows 10 1

3. Run the personalization.exe  file.

classic personalization on windows 10 2

4. Now you have the classic personalization window on your Windows 10 PC.

classic personalization on windows 10 3

To add it to your right click context menu for easy access follow these steps:

1. Open the run personalization.exe and click on Options on the bottom left.

classic  on windows 10 4

2. Click on Integrate with Desktop context menu option.

classic personalization on windows 10 5

3. To have quick access to classic personalization all you would need to do is right click and select personalization from the context menu.

classic windows 10 6

If you want Windows 8 personalization window, just go to Start -> Settings app -> Personalize.

classic on windows 10 7


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