How to Hide a Drive in Windows 10/8/7

Do you remember the old days when we used the hide drives.adm template to hide specified drives along with some kind of hide drives , with this tutorial you will learn a different methods allows you “How to hide a drive partition”.

Method 1: Disk Management

Using “Disk Management” is the most easy method for hiding a drive partition at the first we need to open the “Computer Management”, you can simply do a right click to computer icon and click “Manage” or you can type “compmgmt.msc” on the run box

In the computer management console click on “Disk Management”

Once you click on “Disk Management” after few moments you will be able to see all your drivers, just like the below picture

Then we choose the drive that we need to hide and do a right click on “Change drive letter and paths”, then we click remove, by this step we hide the drive “Avoid Errors”

Method 2: Hiding the Drive with Group Policy

on the run box type “egedit.msc”

and navigate to the following

User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Windows Explorer.

Click  Hide these specified drives in My Computer

open it, and then choose enable, and from the list select the drive you want to hide

click ok then save and exit

Method 3 : Hide a drive using “Registry Editor”

Press Windows Key+ R, type ‘regedit’ and hit Enter. The Registry Editor Console opens up. Navigate to the below path,

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE –> Software –> Microsoft –> Windows –> CurrentVersion ->Explorer

Here we are going to create a new DWORD value, so right click on Explorer and choose New -> DWORD Value (32-bit).

and then name it “NoDrives“, and do a double click, it will give you a box where you need to enter a value data inside it, in “Value Data” choose the one based on the drive you want to hide. Each drive letter has unique value and values are as below,

A: 1, B: 2, C: 4, D: 8, E: 16, F: 32, G: 64, H: 128, I: 256, J: 512, K: 1024, L: 2048, M: 4096, N: 8192, O: 16384, P: 32768, Q: 65536, R: 131072, S: 262144, T: 524288, U: 1048576, V: 2097152, W: 4194304, X: 8388608, Y: 16777216, Z: 33554432, All: 67108863

Choose the corresponding value for the drive and enter that value in ‘Value data’. Choose ‘Decimal’ for the Base section. As I want to hide, drive ‘C’, I am entering the value as ‘4’.

If you want to hide two drives, say for example ‘E’ and ‘G’, you can enter value one value as ’80’ (E = 16 and G = 64) and it hides both the drives.

Restart your computer and your drive in hidden now. If you are supposed to get the drive back, change the value to Zero, or you can even delete the ‘NoDrives’ registry key.

Method 4 : Hide a drive using CMD 

at the first we need to run CMD with Administrator privileges

once it opens type “Diskpart”, and then type “List Volume”

Now type select and the numeral against the letter of the Drive (it could be “C” Drive), which you want to hide. For instance, it could be Select Volume 3. Hit Enter.

Finally, type Remove Letter C and hit Enter.

You will see a message – Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point.

That’s all the methods for how to hide a drive on your Computer


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