How Difficult and Confusing is Windows 8?

Microsoft is launching a new version of Windows this year. Windows 8 is a radical departure from anything Microsoft has done before.

“Windows 8 is less than optimal for a mouse-and-keyboard setup” says former Microsoft program manager Mike Bibik.

How Windows 8 works with mouse-and-keyboard setups, Bibik makes many points. Among them:

  1. No tutorial: When you first launch Windows 8, it just dumps you on the Start screen. This will likely be addressed in the consumer release, however.
  2. It’s difficult to see all your Metro apps: While the Start screen shows some of the apps in Metro, seeing all of them requires a right-click and navigating to an icon that says “All Apps.” Bibik says this is hard to find, and we have to agree.
  3. A Microsoft account is required for some apps: A few apps, like Store, require a Microsoft account (Hotmail or Live will do) to work properly, which can take new users down a cumbersome registration process.
  4. Scrolling is counterintuitive: The scroll wheel on the mouse scrolls left-to-right in many Metro apps, since that is the primary way to navigate in Metro.
  5. Metro apps don’t have window controls: There’s no way to minimize or maximize a Metro app — they either take up the whole screen or they’re in the background. It’s in this departure from traditional Windows that Bibik says he expects 75% of new users to just give up.

Bibik’s points are illustrated quite painfully in this video.

What do you think? Does Windows 8 work just fine with the mouse and keyboard or does it need major work?



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