How to Activate Screen Time on Your iPhone or iPad

Whether you want to keep track of your phone usage or your child’s, all you need to do is activate your iPhone’s screen time feature.

Screen time tracks your hours on your iPhone or iPad daily, weekly, and monthly. With this feature, you can monitor and control how often and how long you use your device. You can also monitor, adjust, and set limits on your time on specific apps.

Activate Screen Time on Your iPhone or iPad

First of all, open the “Settings” App.

Then, scroll down, tap Screen Time, and select “Turn on Screen Time.

Next, tap Continue and select the appropriate option on the next pop-up menu. If it’s your iPhone, tap “This is My iPhone/iPad.” But, if it’s your child’s, tap “This is My Child’s iPhone/iPad.

You can activate this setting across your Apple devices by toggling the “Share across Devices” slider.

Lastly, If you have the family sharing set up, you can also activate screen time for anyone in the setup.

Ori Otokpa

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