How to Add a Lock Screen Message in Mac OS

The MacOs allows users to add a custom message to the lock screen. There are a variety of reasons that would require a lock screen message. For instance, large organizations may add a lock screen message to all their Mac computers to share policy or configuration information.

Alternatively, for a personal Mac user, a lock screen message may come in handy when distinguishing your Mac from identical Mac.

The lock screen message is also a security feature for Mac users. In case your Mac is misplaced, a lock screen message containing your contact information may be helpful in the event that your Mac is found. Therefore, the lock screen significantly increases the chances of recovering your lost device. In this guide, you will learn the procedure for setting up your custom lock screen messages.

Add a Lock Screen Message in Mac Os

1. Open the ‘System Preferences’ either by clicking the icon on the dock or searching manually on Spotlight search. Once open, open the ‘Security & Privacy’ tab as illustrated below:

2. You need to click the lock located on the bottom left side to make changes.

3. You now need to enter your current user password to enable editing the security settings.

4. You need to enable the ‘Show a message when the screen is locked’ box as illustrated below. You now need to click on the ‘Set Lock Message’ button as shown below to set up your custom message.

5. You now need to add a custom message on the tab that opens. Ensure that your message contains your name and contact details. This will be helpful to track you down in case you misplace your Mac.

6. Congratulations, you have successfully set up your lock screen message. Once the screen is locked, you can view your custom lock message as shown below.

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