How to Add Event in Windows 10 Calendar

When you add an account such as Google, Hotmail, iCloud, and Yahoo to Windows 10 Calendar App, it automatically imports your existing Events and Schedules from that particular account.

The calendar app also lets you add a new event in Calendar. In this article, we will discuss two ways to add a new event to the calendar app.

Add Event in Windows 10 Calendar

First, we discuss a quick way to add an event to Calendar without opening the Calendar App. From the lower right corner select the date and time on the taskbar.

Pick the date of your event and Give a name to the event

Select the time

Enter the location of the event and click on the Save button.

You have successfully added an event to the calendar without having to open the Calendar App.

If you want to have access to more features such as inviting friends to the event, you can add the event with the following steps. Click on the start button and select the Calendar App to open it.

When the calendar app is open, go to your desired event date and click on the date. The New event dialogue box appears.

Give a name to your event, check if the event is for the whole day or select the time of the event, select location of the event, also here you get the capability to add a reminder about the event, and if you want to invite your friends click on the More details button.

When you click the more details option, you reach to the options where you can send invites of your event to anyone and many other options.

If you are not inviting anyone and the event is for your own reminder, you can skip the previous step and click on the save button to save the event

Now, we will discuss how we can add an additional calendar (Such as Hijri, or Chinese calendar) to your calendar app.

Open the Calendar app and click the Settings (gear) icon in the bottom right side, then click on the calendar settings in the settings pane.

In the Calendar settings. Scroll down to find the option of Alternative Calendars, click the checkbox to enable this option, and from the drop-down menu select your desired alternative calendar.

Now you can see the alternative dates in the Calendar app

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