How to add Additional Hard Disk Drives in Oracle VirtualBox

In this tutorial I’m going to be showing you guys how to add additional Virtual hard drives in Oracle virtual box.

We will learn how to add hard disks into an existing virtual machines. This is identical to adding hard disks to a physical machine and can be used for a variety of reasons: more data storage, better performance or increased reliability via RAID setup and others.

1. Select the Operating System you wish to add the virtual hard drive then click on settings.

2. Then click on storage, here select a SATA controller and then click on add hard disk icon to create new disc, leave everything default and click on next next unless you are an advance user.

3. Select the location of you virtual Drive and click Create, to create an additional Virtual drive to your virtual-box Operating System.

4.  You have to initialize the disk to be able to see it by going to this management right click on the newly created drive and initialize the disk.

Video Tutorial:


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