How to Speed up your Website loading Time

1. Go to CloudFlare and add your blog’s or Website by entering the URL,without the http://www. then click on add this website.

2. CloudFlare will identify your DNS settings, just wait until it finishes, then click on  Continue to Step 2.

3. On the “Check Your Missing DNS Records” screen, you can simply continue to the next screen as CloudFlare grabs the information about your domain. Or if you understand about these stuff, you can double check to see that everything is correct.

4. You should see orange colored cloud to the right next to your Cname blog’s URL and also on the MX record at the bottom. then click on My settings look  good, Continue to the next screen.

5. CloudFlare will give you two new “name servers” settings. You need to login and change the name servers. Currently, your blog’s URL is pointed to your web host servers. You need to change them to point to CloudFlare’s.

6. If you can’t finish this step yet, don’t worry, you can call your web host support team to help you change the name servers and if you closed the brouser you can always continue where you left off.

7. You may have to wait from 2 to 48 hours.

I’ve been using CloudFlare service for months.Is your blog powered by CloudFlare?

Video Tutorial:


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