How to Adjust Display Scale Settings on Windows 11

You may change the display size settings on Windows 11 if you’re having trouble seeing on-screen objects and components on your PC, such as icons, text, or your navigation pointer.

If you have bad vision or prefer bigger icons to minimize eyestrain, changing the display scale settings is critical. By default, Windows 11 provides quite decent default options for altering your display’s settings.

That doesn’t imply your text and icon scaling is perfect; if it isn’t, you’ll need to adjust your display scaling.

You can change your display scale settings on Windows 11 by following this guide.

Adjust Display Scale Settings

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + I to bring up Settings.

Click on System from the left panel, and on the right side, select on Display.

Under the Display & layout section, click the dropdown menu next to Scale and choose the option you want to use.

Restart your desktop for the changes to properly appear in all apps.

Custom Display Scaling

Open Settings and select Display from the Systems tab.

Under the Scale & layout section, click on Scale.

Under the Custom scaling section, you can type in a value between 100% and 500%.

Click on the checkmark to apply your changes then click the Sign out now button for the changes to take effect.


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