How to Align Text Inside Table in MS Word 2016

MS Word is the most widely used for composing a document at all the professional and educational levels. A sound writing is always aligned uniformly. Alignment of text is candid in MS Word because of the availability of the text alignment options at the home tab of MS Word.

You can easily align or justify your text. The problem arises when you need to align the text inside the inserted Table in MS Word. The inside table text alignment options are not available at the home tab of MS Word. In this article, I will explain how you can align text in a table in MS Word 2016.

Align Text Inside Table in MS Word 2016

Click on the Search icon on Taskbar. Type Word and click on the MS Word application to run it.

Click on the Blank document on the home screen of MS Word.

Navigate to the top ribbon of MS Word. Click on the Insert option for inserting Table in your blank document.

Move the cursor to the Table at the extreme left side of the insert window and insert the Table with the desired number of rows and columns.

Fill the entries in the rows and columns of your inserted Table in MS Word.

By default, all the entries are aligned to the left side and at the top of each cell. To change this alignment, select all the entries of the table and click on Layout at the top right of the window. Navigate to Alignment options.

There are nine different types of alignments available to the cell data of the inserted table in MS Word. You can choose between right, left, and middle horizontal alignments along with the top, center, and bottom vertical alignments.

The selected Alignment will be applied to the entries of your inserted Table in MS Word. You can also align each separately by this method.

All of the data in the table has been aligned. You can also align to Left, Right, and Center as per your requirements.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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