How to Assign Admin Roles – Office 365 Business

When you purchase the Office 365 subscription, you are automatically assigned the Global Administrator role to completely manage all your Office 365 products. However, there will need to assign Admin roles to users in order to perform certain tasks in Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn on how to assign different Admin roles to a user such as Global administrator, Billing administrator, Exchange Administrator, and Helpdesk/Password Administrator.

1. Log on to the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center with your Global administrator credentials

2. Navigate to Users then choose Active users from the flyout tab.

3. On the Active users’ page, pick the user who you would want to assign the administrator role by ticking the checkbox next to their name.

4. On the information tab of the user, navigate to Roles and click on The Edit user roles page will open.

5. If you do not want to assign them Global Administrator role, choose Customized Administrator for a list of Admin roles that you can pick from based on your requirements.

6. Select the roles that you would want to assign and then click Save once done.

The user has been successfully assigned the Helpdesk administrator role.

7. To assign admin roles to multiple users, you navigate to the Users then Active users page. Select 2 or more users that you would want to assign admin roles.

8. On the Bulk options pane (that has opened on the right), choose Edit roles.

9. On Edit roles, specify the roles that you would want to assign and then click Save.

Here is a summary of common Admin roles available in Office 365.

  1. Global Administrator – Has full access to all Office 365 administrative features under your subscription. Only global admins can assign administrator roles to other users.
  2. Billing Administrator – makes purchases for additional Office 365 licenses and receive invoices pertaining to your Office 365 subscription.
  3. Exchange Administrator – have access to the Exchange Admin center to manage mailboxes and anti-spam policies.
  4. Helpdesk Administrator – also known as the Password administrator. Has permissions to reset passwords for users within your organization. However, they cannot reset the password for global administrator. Only Global administrator can reset passwords for other global administrators.
  5. License Administrator – can assign or remove licenses for users within Office 365.
  6. Skype for Business Administrator – can set up and manage Skype for Business for your organization.
  7. Power BI service administrator – have access to Office 365 Power BI and control usage of Power BI features.
  8. Service administrator – can submit support tickets with Microsoft and view the service dashboard.
  9. SharePoint Administrator – can manage file storage for Share Point and One Drive within your organization.
  10. User management administrator – can create and remove user accounts. They cannot delete a global admin or assign admin roles to users. They also cannot reset passwords for global, billing, Exchange and Skype for business administrators.

Abdelrahman Reda

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