How to Backup or Export a WordPress Website

There are a number of WordPress plugins that can be used to backup or export a WordPress website. In this tutorial, you will learn how to back up a WordPress website using All-in-One WP Migration plugin.

This plugin allows you to backup your website with all your themes, media files, plugins, and database.

Backup or Export a WordPress Website

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins and click, ‘Add New’.

2. Search and install the ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ plugin.

This plugin will help you to export all the database of your WordPress websites such as your media files, themes, and the plugins as well and it will not require technical knowledge,

3. Once installed, Activate the plugin.

4. Click the ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ from the side menu and choose ‘Export’.

5. Click on the ‘Expand To’ drop-down menu to view options.

6. In this tutorial, we are going to export the website to a file so choose ‘File’.

7. The export process will begin.

8. When exporting is complete, click download. Your exported website will be downloaded.

9. To restore or transfer your website, you will need to first download and install All-in-One WP Migration’ as in Steps 1 to 3 above on your target website or else go to ‘Import’ under the All-in-One WP Migration’ side menu.

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