How to Block Spam Texts on iPhone

If you are reading this, you are probably agitated by your uncluttered message app or tired of receiving spam messages. It’s frustrating but unavoidable – you can’t stop spammers from getting your phone number. However, you can stop receiving spam texts.

How? There’s a simple way to stop receiving spam texts from unknown contacts – primarily spammers. Your iPhone provides a handy feature that allows you to filter messages from unknown contacts.

Block Spam Texts on iPhone

First, open your Settings app, then tap “Messages.” You can also type Messages into the search bar.

Then, toggle the “Filter Unknown Senders” slider to activate.

Next, open the Messages App. Your messages will be grouped into “All Messages”, “Known Senders,” and “Unknown Senders.”

You can tap any of these options to view the messages you’d like to see.

Note that the “unknown senders” section doesn’t contain messages from unknown senders only. For example, it includes messages from banks and other companies.

So, you should monitor this section to ensure you don’t miss important texts. 

Ori Otokpa

Ori is a medicine major, realtor, and content writer with over 5+ years of working experience. Through years of in-depth tech research and writing she has garnered sufficient knowledge to teach and help people find their way around tech. Ori’s goals are to broaden her expertise, travel the world, and go on as many adventures as possible.

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