How to Block Unwanted Websites Using OpenDNS

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you guys, how to block unwanted websites using OpenDNS, good for home users but is great for small or midsize company. 1. let’s set this up from scratch, Go to OpenDNS and click get started under parental controls.

2. Click on the open DNS home. remember even though he says home you can actually use it for a small or medium-sized company is still free.

3. Sign up now and create your free account.

4. Click on continue and am already logged in as you see in the Video tutorial.

4. Now select a router to your home/company is using.

5. Then select a model of your router. Once you select the model of your router is going to explain to you, how to configure your DNS in your router. all you need to do is grab the DNS address and placed it in your router as explained in the OpenDNS website really simple.

6. Click on start type CMD if you’re using Windows Vista or seven and now type  ipconfig /flush DNS and press enter perfect.

7. Clear browser cache, I have Firefox, click on the drop down here history clear recent history and then select everything and clear now.

Video Tutorial:


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