How to Bulk Move Posts to a New Category in WordPress

When you are running a blog using WordPress you might have set up multiple categories related to your publications. some of them might be related to tech articles, some of them might be related to travel, some of them might be related to the news.

But there might be a situation when you need to change the category of all of your posts, like you have created that news category and you want to move that related news from Maine news to tech news category.  in this article I will explain how we can move multiple articles from one category to another in WordPress.

Bulk Move Posts to a New Category in WordPress

Login to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on Post on the left side menu.

Then click on All under Posts, all of your posts will be listed down.

Select the posts that you want to move to a new category.

Now click on Bulk Actions drop-down list and then click Edit and then click Apply.

Now select the new category under the categories list and click Update.

Once updated, the selected article will be moved to a newly selected category.

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