How to Bulk Publish Posts Using a CSV File

You are creating a website or blog using WordPress. You may be interested in making your job of publishing posts easy by bulk publishing because creating every post separately can be a very hectic job. In this article, we will discuss how you can bulk, publish posts in WordPress. We will need to install a plugin in our WordPress.

Bulk Publish Posts Using a CSV File

During the process, we will see which plugin we are using. We will need to create a CSV file for our posts. Start MS-Excel from Start Menu

Create the file using the basic headers. For Example Title, Description, etc. This will help you in further steps while importing the file in WordPress.

Here we are writing the Status as Draft, this will import the post but will not publish. If you want to publish your posts directly, you can write the Status as Published.

After creating all your posts in the Excel file, just save the file at a convenient location. Make sure you save the file as the “CSV (Comma Delimited)” format.

If you save your file in any other format, it will not be imported.

Now login to your WordPress website Dashboard

In the dashboard move your mouse to the Plugins link

A submenu will appear, click on the Add New link

In the Plugins search bar type in “Wp Ultimate CSV Importer”

In the search results, you will find this Plugin as shown in the image. Click on Install now button.

Installing will start

You can click on the “More Details” link to see more details about the plugin

It is the free version with limited functionality; you can pay and upgrade to the Pro version to use its full features.

Close the Details page, and click on the Activate button to activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

After activating, the plugin will appear in the left pane of your WordPress dashboard. Click on the Ultimate CSV Importer Free icon to start the plugin.

As the Plugin starts, click on the Browse button

Locate the CSV file that we created earlier and import it

The file will upload into the Plugin. Select the New Item option as we are creating a new post. You can import each record in the file as Page or Post. Select the Posts option and click on the Continue button.

The next step is the Mapping step. Here you assign your headers from the file with the WP Fields accordingly. For Example, Tile will come against the Title header from the CSV file.

Map as many headers as possible. Here you can see that you can create many headers in your CSV file and map them here. We created some basic headers as an example.

As you, continue to the next step. It is a media handling page. It is mostly available for the Pro version of the plugin. We continue to the next step.

Next is the import configuration section. Select your options of choice, (The schedule option is for Pro version), and start Import.

Import Process will start and take a few seconds.

After the import is completed. Click the Close button.

Click on the Posts button in the Dashboard to view your posts

All your posts are imported in WordPress. You can also preview the post on your website.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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