How to Change Default Font In Google Docs

When you create a document in Google docs, the default font is Sans Serif with size 11. If you are not satisfied with the standard font, you can always change its appearance according to your needs. This article will guide you on how to change the default font in Google docs.

So, each time you create a document, you will get your pre-set font as default.

Change Default Font In Google Docs

Open up your internet browser and log in to your Google account. Go the Google Docs from the google apps section in the top-right menu.

Create a Google Docs file and open it up.

Now type the few words in your chosen font and style and select the whole text. You can also choose specific formatting for the font such as bold, italic, color, and size.

Click on the Format button from the top menu of Google Docs, then take the pointer to the Paragraph styles.

A further dropdown sub-menu will appear, hover your mouse pointer over the “Normal Text” option.

Now choose the “Update ‘Normal Text’ to Match” to apply your changes.

To make this font your default style you may Go to “options” at the bottom of the Paragraph Style menu. From there, select “Save as My Default Styles.”

Now each time you create a new document, your selected font will be your default font for the normal text and you don’t need to change it manually each time.

You can follow the same process to change the font of titles and headings.

Muhammad Imran Habib

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