How to Change Passcode on iPhone or iPad

If you have nosy kids or friends, you probably have to change your iPhone or iPad passcode very often. Although the Face ID (or Touch ID in older iPhones) is an effective security alternative, it can become defective or temporarily unavailable. You will have to fall back on a passcode to access your data in such cases.

Follow these steps for better security and to prevent prying eyes from accessing your information and data.

Open the Settings app on your device.

Then, scroll down and select Face ID & Passcode.

Next, enter your present passcode to proceed and tap “Change Passcode.

Afterward, you’d be asked to enter your current passcode again.

Then, enter a new passcode. Although your device will automatically suggest you create a 6-digit passcode, there are others.


To access these configurations, tap Passcode options. Then, choose between

  • Custom Alphanumeric code – this is combination of numbers and letters based on your choice.
  • Custom Numeric Code – Numbers only passcode (as many numbers as you want)
  • 4-digit Numeric Code – 4-digit passcode

When you choose your preferred option, enter your new passcode. Then verify it.

Once you do so, it will be implemented – this may take some minutes.

Ori Otokpa

Ori is a medicine major, realtor, and content writer with over 5+ years of working experience. Through years of in-depth tech research and writing she has garnered sufficient knowledge to teach and help people find their way around tech. Ori’s goals are to broaden her expertise, travel the world, and go on as many adventures as possible.

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