How to Change Password and PIN in Windows 10

We normally save a lot of business critical information as well as personal information and other personal identity identifiable documents on our computer.

It’s important to make sure that our data saved on our computer or laptop is safe. There are many ways to save the documents securely but the most important and useful is to password protect your Windows operating system.

By doing this you will be able to safe all of your documents as well as other data on your computer safe and secure. To set up password on Windows 10 follow the following steps.

Click on start menu and then click on the gear icon to access the settings.

On settings, window click on accounts.

This will show all of the options related to your account setup on Windows.

Now click on sign in option and on the right side you will see an option to change the password. Under password heading, Click on change.

You will be required to enter your current password to confirm that authenticated person is going to request for a change password.

Once entered if two-step verification has set up it will forward an email for a verification code to give you access to change the password. Enter the code that you have received by email or by SMS and click next.

It will give you the option to enter the old password and then enter a new password and confirm the new password and click next your password has been successfully changed.

If you have set up a PIN to login to your computer and you want to change that PIN under PIN heading click change it will open a dialogue box to enter the old PIN and then the new PIN that you want to set up click ok and your PIN will get changed.

By following these simple steps you can now change your Windows 10 password as well as a PIN.