How to Close Running Metro Apps in Windows 8

When you open a Metro app in Windows 8 and you go back to the desktop, you’ll notice that the taskbar remains empty. The metro app that you have opened is not visible in the taskbar like you would normally see on previous Windows.

On previous versions of Windows, when you open a program, it appears in the taskbar. In Windows 8, this is true of most normal programs, but not so with metro apps designed specifically for Windows 8.

Now how about closing those open apps?

1. Move your mouse to the top or bottom left corner, if you have open apps, you’ll see a very small outline alone the left side.

2. Now if you simply move your mouse pointer up towards those outlined apps, a whole bar appears and you can see all the open apps.

3. Now you can simply right-click on any of the Metro apps and choose Close.

This is totally not something I would have figured out on my own, so I’m guessing this will make a lot of people mad.

Video Tutorial:


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