Convert Physical Computer Into Virtual Machine

VMware Workstation together with a free utility called VMware vCenter Converter allows you to create a Virtual Machine of a physical machine even while the machine is up and running. It will also let you create a Virtual Machine of a computer in your network.or a remote computer out of your network.

To Convert Physical Computer Into Virtual Machine we will need to download VMware Workstation.

1. Once installed, run the program Then click on File.

2. From the drop-down menu click on Virtualize a physical Machine…

Note: If you Don’t have VMware vCenter Converter Standalone Client installed it will install it when you click on Virtualize a physical Machine.

3. Once installed Click on next to the Virtualization Wizard.

4. You will be prompted to enter the Host Name or IP address of the Physical machine, and the Username and password of the Physical machine you want to convert. So enter the IP address of your computer and the user name and password of the Administrator or a user with administrative rights and Click Next.

5. Then Give your virtual machine a name. I kept windows 7 as the Name for my virtual machine. Also select the path of your Virtual Machine. Once you are done click next.

6. Then enter the current Windows Account User name and password. If you are converting your own machine just type your user name and password. This is asked because just in case you are Converting a physical machine in the network the machine that you are using and the one you are converting are two different computers. Then click on finish to create the Virtual machine

7. Once is done just select the operating system on the right pane and click on the play Button.

Video Tutorial:


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