How To Copy Edits To Multiple Pictures Simultaneously

Apple introduced a lot of fresh functionality to the Photos app with the latest iOS 16, and we are here for it!

The “copy edit” features of the iOS 16 have gathered a great deal of attention, and users seem pleased with it. It’s certainly no surprise, considering how tiring it can be to edit one picture on iPhones, more or less multiple.

This new feature implies that edits made to one image can be duplicated in others, including changes to shadows, saturation, highlights, removal of background, and more.

Here’s how batch editing pictures in iOS 16 works;

Open the Photos app, and select the first picture you want to edit.

Then, tap Edit and make whatever changes you desire.

When you’re finished editing, tap Done.

Next, select the 3-dots in the upper-right corner.

Then tap Copy Edits. (This copies every specification you added to the picture and prepares it to be duplicated to other pictures you select.)

Next, return to your album folder by tapping the back arrow.

Then, tap Select and choose the photos you want to replicate those edits on. While you must choose at least one photo, there is no restriction on the number of pictures you can choose.


After selecting your desired photos, tap the 3-dots in the lower-right corner.

<spanThen, select the Paste Edits option. (This duplicates the edit settings for all the selected pictures.)

How To Reverse Batch Edits On Your iPhone Or iPad

Reversing these edits is as simple as applying them. 

To reverse edit effects, tap Select and choose one or more of the newly edited pictures.

Then, tap the options icon and select the “Revert to Original” option.

Next, tap “Revert to Original” on the pop-up menu for confirmation.

A notification appears to confirm that the edits have been extended to the selected pictures.

Ori Otokpa

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