How to Create Email Move to Folder Rule In Outlook 2016

In today’s world, we receive hundreds of emails on daily basis. Some of them are the newsletter that we have subscribed to, some of them are spam emails and some of them came through our friends and family members.

Because of these huge numbers of emails, it’s difficult to manage all of the emails and mailbox. It’s a time where the rules option in of Outlook 2016 comes in.

By setting up rules in Outlook 2016, we can manage most of our emails related tasks like forwarding emails from a specific person to a folder, automatically forwarding the emails to another email address and many more. In this article, I will explain how can we set up rules in Outlook 2016.

Click on the start menu and start type “Outlook” it will show up Outlook icon on the top click on it and it will open up Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Click on the File option on the menu bar and it will show you account related information under the file menu. You will have some other options like setting up automatic replies, mailbox settings and rules and alerts.

Click on rules and alerts and it will open up a configuration box where you can set up rules for your emails.

You can see that as of now there is no rule created. We will create a rule when an email from specific email address comes in it goes to a specified folder.

Click on the new rule and it will open up rule wizard. Select the option move message from someone to a folder and then click Next.

On the top,  you will see from people or public group option that will be selected. Now under step 2 click on people or public group.

Now you will get an option to select the email address from your address book or you can type it manually. In this case, I have written email address that belongs to After that click OK.

Now on the same rule wizard Click on Specified folder option.

This will open up Configuration box to select the folder. In this case, I have selected AvoidErrors, once selected click ok.

Now in the Rule Wizard under step 2 you can see the email address that you have mentioned in the from option and the folder that you have selected will be mentioned. Click next.

Now the rule wizard will ask you what do you want to do with the message? As you can see that we have selected stop processing more rules whereas it will stop other rules applied on this condition and then apply to move it to a specified folder where it will move it to the specified folder that we have selected that is AvoidErrors.

If you want to apply any exceptions, like the rule can further see some other aspects of the email like the subject or some specific words you can select the options under the exceptions otherwise click next.

Now it will show you the summary of the rule that we have created. Review it and make a sure turn on this rule option is selected click finish.

As you can see that the rule that you have created will appear under the rules and alerts window.  This means you rule has been created and successfully applied.

All of the emails that will come from the specified email address will be moved automatically to the folder specified.

By following the same steps, you can set up multiple rules in your mailbox.

Muhammad Imran Habib

Imran is a technology evangelist with 8 years of experience working with some of the Industry leading companies. Imran's expertise includes On-Prem/Virtual Infrastructure deployments, IT Solutions for SMEs, End User Computing Support.

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