How to Customize Notifications on iPhone or iPad

It’s impressive how iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices allow you to customize your device to your taste.

This isn’t just about the light or dark mode, the type of wallpaper, or the screen brightness you use. Now, you can adjust things as minor or insignificant as your notifications.

Additionally, you can determine how the notifications pop up, how long they stay.

If you’d like to learn how to do these, you’ve found the right piece. So, keep reading!

How to Customize Apps Notifications

Step 1: Launch the Settings app

Step 2: Scroll down and tap Notifications.

Schedule a Notification Summary

This option allows you to receive a summary of “less important” notifications at a scheduled time.
While this feature is activated, you will continue to receive notifications from more important apps.

  • Select “Scheduled Summary.” Then, toggle the “Scheduled Summary” slider to activate.

  • Next, tap “Continue,” then select the Apps you want to include in the summary.

  • Afterwards, select “Add Apps” at the bottom of the screen. Then, adjust the timing of the 1st summary – you can also add a 2nd and 3rd summary.

  • Lastly, Tap “Turn on Notifications Summary.

Choose Notification Preview Timing 

The show preview feature lets you decide when notification previews are displayed.

  • Tap the Show previews option.
  • Then, select your preferred option – “Always”, “When Unlocked”, or “Never.”

Choose Notification Alert Style for Each App

Notification alert styles are usually set to a default style. However, you can change them for each app based on your preference. There are three types of notifications alert – the Lock screen, Banner, and Notification Center.

Lock Screen – App notifications appear on your Lock screen and can be viewed by anyone.

Notification Center – App notifications can be accessed by swiping up your locked screen. Or swiping the left upper corner of your unlocked screen.

Banner – App notifications pop up at the top of your screen. You can make this option temporary or persistent.

To activate either of these options.

  • Select your preferred app (under Notifications Styles). Next, tap the notification alert style you prefer. Note that you can choose more than one.

The Banner option will appear underneath the alert style previews if activated.

  • Tap Banner. Then, select temporary (the notification pops up and disappears). Or, select Persistent (the notification persists until you dismiss it).

Choose App Notification Sound and Badges

The notification sound feature allows you to enable or disable notification sound for each app. On the other hand, the badge option represents something else. It symbolizes the red circles above each app icon that shows the number of pending notifications.


  • Select any app and toggle the sound slider


  • Select your preferred app and toggle the badges slider to activate or deactivate.

Another helpful addition is the Notification Grouping feature. This feature has three varieties.

  • Automatic: This option groups notifications based on an organizing standard within the specific app.
  • By App: This option groups all notifications from an app together – regardless of the topic, thread, etc.
  • Off: Here, the feature is deactivated.

Select the app>Notification Grouping> select an option to access these features.

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