How to Delete Apps on your iPhone

Whether you are trying to create more space on your iPhone or are simply tired of using an app, the iPhone makes it easy to delete apps.

You can seamlessly uninstall and delete an app within seconds following these steps.

Delete Apps on your iPhone

First, identify the app you want to delete.

Then, tap and hold the app until the pop-up menu appears.

Next, select the “Remove App” option – you should see another pop-up menu afterwards.

Tap “Delete App”, then select Delete.


Press and hold the selected app until it begins to wiggle. Then, tap the minus (-) sign at the top edge of the app.

Next, select “Delete App” and tap “Delete.

These methods are helpful if you want to uninstall and delete an app instantly while deleting the app’s data. However, if you want to preserve the app’s data, follow these steps.

First, Launch the “Settings” app. Then, Tap General and select “iPhone Storage.”

Next, scroll down and tap the selected app.

A page displaying the app’s size and the size of its documents and data will open. Next, tap “offload App” and select Offload App on the pop-up menu.

NB: You can tap “Delete App” to completely uninstall and delete the app. And that’s it.

Ori Otokpa

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