How to Delete Files with Long Names on Windows 11

File names that are longer than 255 characters are referred to as long file names. Long file names are allowed, however you must use caution to prevent issues while naming your files. A long filename that is too big for Windows to store on disk will result in an error when the user tries to use that file.

Third-party file manager

Getting rid of files with long names is a tedious job. It can be done automatically or by hand, but doing it by hand takes more time and is more difficult.

Getting a third-party file manager is a great way to get rid of files with long names. It will let you find the files you want to keep and choose which ones to keep. You can also delete them all at once.

Rename the file

Navigate the folder with the long file name.

Right click on the file and select Rename.

Type in a shorter file name and Press Enter.

Delete using Command Prompt

Navigate the folder with the long file name.

Right click an empty space of the folder and select Open in Terminal.

Type in dir /X and press Enter. Don’t forget to replace with the file location


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