How to Delete Paging File in Windows 10

Data is stored in the system in two types, permanent and temporary. Temporary data is stored in the RAM of the system. Whenever a PC awakes after a shutdown, the RAM is refreshed to its initial state.

Paging files (pagefile.sys) of the system are the virtual memory files but stored in the hard disk of the system, permanent storage of data. The data carries on increasing in size (MBs) and occupies extra space on the hard disk. The main problem is that the paging file, unlike the RAM is present on the hard drive even after the shutdown.

This article will guide you to delete the paging file data permanently from your system after every restart or shut down in Windows 10. Follow the steps below to accomplish this task.

Delete Paging File in Windows 10

Navigate to the File Explorer and right-click on This PC/ My Computer and click on Properties.

A System window will open, click on the Advanced System Settings.

The above click will lead you to in the System Properties windows, click on Advanced and go to the Settings in the performance tab.

In the Performance Options window, click on the Advanced and then click on the Change in virtual memory tab. The paging file size for all the drives is displayed in MBs, just above the Change option.

There will be no editable option in the virtual memory window because the Automatically manage paging file size for all the drives is checked by default.

To delete the paging file data, uncheck the Automatically manage paging file size for all the drives option and select No Paging File and click OK in the bottom of the window and all the pre-opened windows came after clicking the OK. Restart the system and again check the paging file data, it will now be 0 MB.

Now on-wards system will not manage the page-file and old page file will be deleted.

Muhammad Imran Habib

Imran is a technology evangelist with 8 years of experience working with some of the Industry leading companies. Imran's expertise includes On-Prem/Virtual Infrastructure deployments, IT Solutions for SMEs, End User Computing Support.

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