How to Disable Auto Brightness on iPhone or iPad

If you’ve used iPhones or iPads long enough, you will have noticed the auto brightness feature. Every iPhone and iPad comes with sensors that can regulate the screen’s brightness.

They regulate the brightness based on the lighting within that setting or environment. That is, if the environment or surrounding is bright, the iPhone or iPad’s screen automatically adapts and brightens up.

On the other hand, if the surrounding lighting is low, the screen also adapts and lowers its brightness.

Several users like this feature and find it very convenient to use. However, very few know that this feature drains iPhone and iPad batteries very fast.

When users finally discover this, they usually find it difficult to disable this feature. This is because it isn’t found under “Display & Brightness.” If you are struggling to disable this feature, this piece will show you how.

Disable Auto Brightness on iPhone or iPad

First, open the Settings App. Then, tap “Accessibility.

Next, select “Display & Text Size.”

Now, scroll down and toggle the slider beside “Auto-Brightness.”

Now that you’ve completed this process, you can manually control your screen’s brightness. Best of all, you can also help your battery last longer.

Ori Otokpa

Ori is a medicine major, realtor, and content writer with over 5+ years of working experience. Through years of in-depth tech research and writing she has garnered sufficient knowledge to teach and help people find their way around tech. Ori’s goals are to broaden her expertise, travel the world, and go on as many adventures as possible.

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