How to Enable Aero Glass Effects on Firefox

GlassMyFox, a Firefox add-on, can enable the Aero Glass effects, for Windows 7 and Vista makes window buttons and toolbars look transparent.

This add-on makes menus, toolbars and windows, transparent. You can access options to easily enable different effects such as Glass effects, Glass effects with custom tabs, favicon/closeicon, White tab-text and more.

Once you have installed the add-on. You can easily change the tab title color, change the color of the navigation buttons. change the the tabs effects.

Aero Glass options offers multiple options, divided in two main categories,Glass Options and Options.

  • The Glass options allow you to enable the Glass, Glass and custom tabs and Glass and “GMF-tabs”,
  • The Options category lets you enable White tab-text, Higher tabstoolbar, Favicon+Closeicon, White nav-bar buttons and Higher bookmarks-bar.

GlassMyFox gives Firefox an Aero Glass effect, install this add-on from the link below.

Install GlassMyFox Add-On For Firefox

Video Tutorial:


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